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UseLik specializes in Chemical Solvents, Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Water Proofing & Industrial Equipment. A trusted Chemical Supplier in Malaysia since 1987.

Industrial Paint

High Performance Paints designed for professionals who seek premium and superior quality paint works. Used in planes, trucks, cars, buildings, manufacturing plants and more.


High Quality solvents, mixing coating paint and degreaser to use on heavy duty machinery to clean engines, chassis or component parts to remove oil or grease. Used to clean lorries, trucks, forklifts and more.

Interior Paint

Premium Quality Paints that delivers results that last and will allow you to wipe, clean and has excellent mold resistance. Used in homes, restaurants, office, hotels and more.


Who We Are

UseLik is Malaysian owned, privately held company with a reputation for aggressive market penetration and a diverse distribution network. Since our inception in 1987, we have developed a strong reputation for innovation, flexibility, strong growth and socially responsible business ethics.

What Our Clients Say

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